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Total sales are the number of units sold multiplied by the unit cost of the product, while sales volume is the total number of units sold for a particular period. Another important note is the difference between gross and net sales volume. Gross sales volume is just the number of units sold with nothing else factored in. Net sales volume takes into account product returns, giveaways, and other factors that may influence the number of units that were actually purchased by consumers. If the mascara was priced at $10 a unit, their total sales will be $5,000 for Q1.

  1. Consider ways to best create a positive atmosphere where team members are encouraged to work together.
  2. Implementing a subscription service is another tactic to increase sales volume with existing customers can also be how you can increase sales volume.
  3. Embarking on a mission to revolutionize retail execution, the Repsly team has consistently delivered on its commitment to enhancing the mobile and web app experience for users.
  4. Perhaps one product always exceeds expectations, but another isn’t resonating with your customers.
  5. Get started with your sales dashboard templates by downloading our free templates.

This will leave you with either a positive number (indicating a favorable sales variance) or a negative number (indicating an adverse variance). This number can then be multiplied by a key figure that directly relates to the type of variance you’re interested in working out. You may also consider other ways to decrease overhead costs such as reducing labor hours, better allocation of human resources and evaluating individual products.

Incremental Sales: A Crucial KPI to Guide Your Marketing Efforts

It’s important to note that this does not take pricing into account. Just because cupcakes accounted for 26.7 percent of units sold does not mean they accounted for 26.7 percent of revenue generated. That said, this percentage is extremely useful when evaluating customer trends and planning for the future. These 25 suggestions can help you fuel that engine with more revenue and improved strategies to increase sales volume. Try them out and put the pedal to the metal toward smashing your sales goals.

People respect competence, hard work, and excellent follow through. Ensure that you perfect these areas in your career, and customers will want to work with you. Many times, once the customer feels they are not going to lose anything, they feel more comfortable moving forward with the sale. If WIFM is the essential message of your pitch, your proposal is a close second. People need to know what you are selling, the bargain they get in exchange for the WIFM you shared.

These are the problems customers have that your product aims to solve. During the qualification process, ask specific, insightful questions to determine if someone is the right match. There’s a reason why big business invests millions of dollars every year in finding out who their customers are and what they want through focus groups. Reconsider how you promote your company’s wares by putting the benefits first. Be as specific as possible about what someone gets from their money. Calculating sales volume may not seem as relevant as the amount of money you’ve earned, but this is far from the case.

You first ask the customer what their biggest challenge is in their business. Then you follow it up with what would happen if they should fail to meet that challenge. Next, you ease the prospect’s pain with the benefits of your product or service, which will (lastly) begin a partnership. Your prospect does not buy because of you or because of all the features you shared about your product or service. Once you have a system in place to analyze your sales data, it’s time to start thinking about sales volume variance. However, if you’re new to the idea of collecting sales data and sales forecasts, then we recommend starting there and building that into a strong foundation first.

Get organized with your free sales pipeline excel template

This will help you find out the most effective member of your sales staff, say goodbye to unmotivated colleagues, or invest in their education. Each of those metrics can be valuable on its own, but combined, they provide far more context about the performance of your sales function. Packages and bundles are not only a great way to increase sales volume, but also average order of value.

How to increase sales volume

If a company has sold 10,000 units in the last 12 months, then the company’s sales volume will be 10,000. Understanding how your products are performing can provide valuable insight that can ultimately create more sales for your company. Now that we’ve gone through how measuring sales volume can impact business, start using these metrics to measure the health of yours today. Especially important for younger companies — and still important for the well-established — tracking sales volume can help set a new precedent for your sales strategy. Tracking and identifying averages on a monthly to yearly basis can let your team know what metrics are meant to be a standard to strive for and exceed.

Another key is to think through and communicate your unique selling proposition. Moreover, if you’re cold-calling prospects, don’t expect all your contacts to tell you what their problems are immediately. Still, it can tell you a lot about your business, particularly your areas of strength and weakness. There are different types of customers, and some of them are those who don’t feel motivated enough to buy your product. This usually happens due to doubts in their minds and a lack of trust. So, you need to make them comfortable, remove or clarify any objections, answer their questions, and win their trust.

Pricing tiers are based on the psychological principle of Choice Architecture. One of the principles of choice architecture dictates that how you present the options is as important as the content of the options themselves. Nurturing relationships involves listening to what your clients need and giving it to them, even if it means customizing the package or adding in personalized services. The extra effort is worth it; Saleshacker reports that 53% of C-level executives buy because of their relationship with the salesperson. Performance means that you strive to do your very best at everything you do.

Increase online sales in any industry with 14 tried-and-tested tactics. Let’s look at the different sales variance formulas and when to use each one. For example, the expenditure of a company for a given period is about $10,000, and the profit is $2 per unit. If you’re using absorption costing — a method where you consider all costs of production, including fixed overhead — your calculation will rest on standard profit per unit.

Once you determine what your client needs, assign a value to what the problem costs in revenue, over time, lost opportunities, customer churn or all of the above. Breaking it down in dollars and cents is an excellent way to emphasize how your product or service can benefit their business. SPOTIO’s Territory Management Software can create strategic botkeeper vs veryfi territories based on criteria like zip code or neighborhood. With the area already targeted, the sales rep can then plan an efficient day — and get in front of as many potential customers as possible. Pipedrive enables you to customize your insight dashboards with the KPIs and sales data that best visualizes your progress and process.

“Increasing the marketing of your product is a tried and true method of growing your sales volume,” says Jordan McCreery of Ingrained Media. “Product marketing is vital to product success, but it must be done right in order to obtain the desired results. For example, if you sell an average of 20 pairs of shoes each month, your https://www.wave-accounting.net/ annual sales volume would be 20 times 12. In this post, we’re going to share how to calculate sales volume and tips for how to increase it. Sales and marketing teams must achieve alignment to place the right leads in your pipeline. Your teams should be aware of any specific goals relating to volume and why those goals exist.

The unit formula is simple in that all it requires is multiplying the number of units by the time period (e.g. 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year, and so forth). For example, if you work for a supplement company that sells 1,000 units of multivitamins during Q2, your sales volume of multivitamins for that period would be 1,000. As I said earlier, sales volume doesn’t account for the monetary value sales brings into the company. It’s solely a measure of how many units your company was able to move during a given period.

It keeps them on toes and empowers them and also recognizes the top performer is very early. Simply put, your sales volume is the total number of units sold within a given reporting period, such as a financial quarter or a full year. If you’re interested in increasing your company’s sales volume, you first need to understand product volume and how it is measured.

For instance, sales teams are more aware of your customer’s pain points or their views about your brand. Your sales team can pass on this information to the marketing team so that it can develop communication plans in a better way. On the other hand, a lot of companies make profits by selling in massive quantities. They have medium to low-profit margins, so they achieve their targets by making more and more sales. But the question is, why is sales volume an important figure, and how does it help businesses? Finally, you multiply the difference in sales (2,000) by the standard contribution per unit ($20).

Today’s cold call is tomorrow’s qualified lead—and next month’s new business. For the sake of your time management and your potential customer’s, online and phone interaction can handle much of the business involved in the sales process. It’s one thing when you talk about how a product or service will benefit a prospect’s business; it’s another to have someone who uses your product or service talk about it. Case studies are success stories from past or current customers that give prospects another perspective on whether your product or service will benefit their business.

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